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Our Philosophy:

While there must be an element of business in order to exist, CCA/P is first and foremost a ministry of Celebration Church. As a representative of Jesus called to the care of his children, CCA/P strives to be excellent in all things. Our program and activities are filtered through the worldview of our faith and belief in Jesus. We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and our source for absolute truth.

CCA/P is unabashedly a Christian environment that is also prepared to compete academically with the best educational institutions while setting ourselves apart as salt and light in the world.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of CCA/P is to provide parents a safe and loving place for their children to be given the opportunity to receive outstanding academic preparation and to develop exceptional character and a courageous heart to become fully-devoted followers and lovers of Jesus.

Our Curriculum:

CCA/P enrolls infants (0) to K4. In these formative years, it is our goal to cultivate academic excellence and a solid biblical foundation in all of our children.

Our PreSchool program is a fun, engaging environment with age-appropriate academic and spiritual learning.


Basic language and motor skills development through music and playtime.

1s & 2s

Basic communication skills through storytime, music, and playtime; simple crafts and coloring; potty training.

2s & 3s

Basic cognitive learning (numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc.), storytime, music, and playtime; crafts and coloring.

3s & 4s

Advanced cognitive learning; basic reading, writing, and math; music and playtime; crafts.

Registration & Weekly Tuition

Registration: $125 ($100 add’l sibling)

0 - 12 mos.  
$175 ($150 add’l sibling)

1s & 2s
$165 ($145 add’l age sibling)

3s - K4
$160 ($145 add’l age sibling)